Innovative use of waste materials and renewable energies for the decentralized production of sustainable methanol


Two start-ups, two research institutes and one joint location - these are the players in the E4MeWi network. Together we want to and will demonstrate that it is possible to produce sustainably produced, i.e. "green", methanol in decentralized modular plants at competitive costs.

Thanks to the funding of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), the E4MeWi project allows us to continue our own exploratory work in the digital world of quantum mechanics, innovative container construction and laboratory research. Based on the experimental proof-of-concept, we will prove by the end of 2023 that this disruptive approach is not only convincing in the laboratory, but also in a container demonstrator facility in a real industrial environment. We are supported by the associated project partner Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


We want to prove that sustainable methanol can be produced from water, CO2 and renewable energies via the intermediate step synthesis gas and that the core requirements for the process: pressure and temperature - can be halved compared to conventional methanol production (using CuZn catalysts). This saves costs in plant equipment and operation and enables us to build up a completely new market for methanol trading in small decentralized plants. At the same time, we enable municipal players to combine their available local resources (renewable energy, CO2 emissions, biogas, sewage treatment plant, plastic waste, wood residues) to create sustainable added value.